About ROI

Who We Are

Since founding ROI Management Consulting in 2002, our passion for achieving results for our clients has always been our key motivation. We believe in long-term partnerships with our customers, and pride ourselves on consistently maintaining a highly inspired, service-oriented environment.

With over 30 business analysts, engineers and business experts, and customer-centric strategies painstakingly crafted for a variety of target markets. Privately owned ROI offers simple, cost-effective means to managing large customer bases and to fully leverage on our clients’ organic growth by improving and optimizing their relations with customers.

Our organization is defined by high service mentality and professionalism, and is backed by a proven practical experience and methodologies in the financial services, insurance, brokerage, automotive, retail, travel & entertainment, telecommunications, media, publishing and healthcare industries, to name but a few.

What We Do

We work closely with our clients at both management and additional relevant levels. Our primary objective: to make a substantial, positive and long-lasting impact on their operational, as well as their financial performance. ROI Management Consulting utilizes and places at customers’ disposal a uniquely rich range of analytical tools and innovative, client-focused tactics that enable businesses to not only identify and generate significant incremental revenue from their customers, but also to secure long-term customer loyalty.

ROI offers consulting and implementation services in the context of various core expertise domains including customer experience management, customer relationship management, customer value management.

Customer-focused Strategy

Helping businesses translate values, goals and objectives into clear and synergetic customer-centric strategy executed via a set of supporting business directives, tactics and operational plans. Our broad reach across a variety of industry segments grants us unparalleled vision and the ability to truly see each business as a whole, then provide the most objective and effective tailored advice. Our multi-disciplinary knowledge of local markets and practices allow us to empower our clients with uniquely global perspective.

Customer-focused Business Intelligence

Profound expertise in studying and analyzing customer data, as the foundation for business models that help our clients properly assess and prioritize customer trends and behavior. The result – significantly enhanced lifetime value potential, increased retention rates,and unwavering, long-term customer loyalty and ןmproved customer experience.

Customer-focused Organization

ROI’s clear vision of its clients’ business objectives and goals serves as solid foundation for transformation plans and a broad range of supporting initiatives. Organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, business processes, customer experience, change management, training and qualification, compensation plans, KPIs – all these and many more are focused on the sole intent of creating a truly customer-centric organization.

Customer-focused Technology

:Among the enabling technologies we utilize and empower our customers with are

CTI, IVR and chat-based data entry and retrieval
CRM (Operational) customer management and campaign management
Voice recording and speech/text recognition-based monitoring and control
Performance management: analytical CRM, BI, call center performance (CCP)

Further to these technologies, ROI has developed its own proprietary business application enabling monitoring of call center activities and of call center performance. These are rated against predefined strategic goals, translating into clear vision of customer retention rates, sales performance and efficiency indicators. ROI’s state-of-the-art, customer-focused business management application was developed on the basis of years of experience, delivering proven and immediate out-of-the-box value. The solution’s CCP (call center performance) management component is powered by the powerful Qlikview BI platform and is successfully deployed in live installations throughout numerous medium to large call centers.

Our Vision

To be our clients’ preferred solution for management consulting, and to help them achieve customer-focused strategy excellence.

Our Mission

To provide strategic intelligence and high value decision support services, so as to assist companies in making critical customer-related decisions with greater accuracy, speed and insight. In fact, ROI already cultivates a proven track record of driving quality improvement, cost and service lead time reduction, and significant boosts in customer satisfaction across a broad range of industries.

Join our list of customers including customers from the financial, retail, insurance and fashion worlds and watch how your vision turns to reality.

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